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Private Coaching
with Krubee

One-on-one individual course to learn Thai business Modern, keeping up with the world

Course 1: Finding Myself, a classroom that awakens the power to find yourself.

Activity details

We teach how to analyze people, their strengths, weaknesses, preferences, aptitudes, and design career paths. Goal planning (g๐al)

Short, medium, and long term in applying preferences and things that are good at generating income As well as providing positive reinforcement for the children to have a fire and guidance in doing what they love. like to be successful

  • For children 9-14 years

  • Live teaching, one-on-one tutoring, 2 hours per course.

  • Held every Saturday of the month at Siam Square.



Special: Apply today: 7,900 baht per course.

Apply for 2 people and receive an additional discount of 500 baht per person.

Apply for 3 people and receive an additional discount of 1,000 baht per person.

  • Take the best care of all the children. There is a staff to take the best care of you.

  • There is a certificate or certificate given to everyone who participates in the activity.

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