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Learning never ends

“The first and only place” to teach all business subjects for modern children.
Keep up with every change Learn every skill

Dare to think, Dare to do. With freedom of thought without restriction

Business school 

"Opportunities for Growth and Learning"

that can be applied in many areas. Join MasterKids Camp, designed with activities that are both fun and educational, leading to positive changes for the future.

We offer a variety of courses to serve as self-development camps for kids, allowing them to learn beyond the classroom. These courses are designed to help children develop themselves and enhance their potential for the future.

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  Young CEO Camp

The ultimate young CEO camp that will develop executives. For new generation children

🌈 What you'll gain at MasterKids Camp 🏕️

🌟 Leadership Skills: Developing leadership abilities.

🌟 Play-based Learning: Learning business skills through realistic simulations.

🌟 Building a Growth Mindset and Self Esteem.

🌟 Teamwork: Collaborating effectively in teams.

🌟 Valuable Experiences: Learning from real industry experts and global startups.

Exciting and engaging Activity & Play-based Learning! ✨

Get to know the camp in 4 topics

A modern camp that meets the needs of modern children.
Develop ideas to keep up with the current era.


Play-based Learning

Learn through simulation to be a real business person. It's fun and a real experience. Promote imagination Creativity beyond the classroom

Create a Growth Mindset and create Self Esteem, the foundation for success in the future.

Practice Leadership skills
leadership skills Learn to work with others.


Join in developing children and develop their own potential with MasterKids.

Recruiting young people who want to find themselves. and want knowledge

Going to expand in the future

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